About Us

Our Motto

A revolution which takes pre-school education at par with the best available nationally and internationally.

A path breaking concept originating from a team of visionaries & professionals from diverse fields.


Our Mission

We believe that grooming children is our top most priority as each child is special.A focused and motivational approach which pushes children to achieve their true potential. We acknowledge individually and respect each child's aptitude. It is our most important task to create the perfect environment which is a balance of the best education, tolerance and behaviour.


We believe that children are the center of concern in our school and that each and every child must be encouraged and supported in order to achieve his full potential. This means that every child's aptitude and interest, as well as his individuality must be acknowledged.

Our Ethos

We believe that every child has the capacity to learn and progress and to do so it is vital that they experience success.


We know that children enter school with differing needs, at differing levels of ability and with differing pre-school experiences. We aim to ensure that the opportunities for learning offered in this school take these differences into account and acknowledge equal opportunities for all children, regardless of gender, race, creed or ability.


We acknowledge the importance of building high levels of self-esteem in all kids. We have high levels of expectation in all areas of the curriculum-in work, behavior and attitude. Each child should experience the positive aspects of learning, social and emotional development and of moral and spiritual growth.


We believe that for children to learn the teaching methodology has to be stimulating, challenging, varied, progressive and most importantly purposeful. We believe in a curriculum which provides clear stepping stones in learning, keeping children constantly challenged by learning activities that are built on what has previously been taught.


We believe in giving children specific learning goals that are individual to their learning needs.


We believe that the success of GENNEXT is dependent on the close partnership of staff, parents and governors as well as wider school community.